"A curious, free-wheeling read for inquiring young minds."
Kirkus Reviews

“This first children’s book from Marc Romanelli—a beautifully told story with excellent illustrations —is a delightful treat for adults as well. Here, drawing on his creative abilities in photography, Romanelli has opened up an entirely new medium for his storytelling. Readers will love it!”

Catherine Allen, Author, The Retirement Boom, Reboot Your Life, and The Artist’s Way at Work

“Marc Romanelli weaves a magical, fur-tingling tale that travels through time, art, and love. Journey to unexpected lands to meet brave, bold and sometimes belligerent characters who remind us that the power of imagination is a gift and our most creative force. This is an enticing adventure for elementary children and an engaging read-aloud for families.”

—Beth A. Clayton, Founder & Director, Journey Montessori School

“In contemporary clinical psychoanalysis a goal is to contemplate, explore and engage multiple states of self-experience. With a gleeful wink and a reverent nod to Natsume Sōseki’s once banned I Am a Cat, Marc Romanelli’s adventure invites the reader—young and, alas, not so young—into a similar engagement. The ride is full of thrilling and unexpected twists and turns ‎that have me aching for whatever’s next for the characters in this heart-thumping tale. In multiple self-experience, one hopes to hold together a balance, an integrity and consistency across and within a sometimes-vast array of difference, contrast and conflict. At the center of The Imagination Warriors, Romanelli holds together such a balance and harmony—between reader and read, character and context, storyteller and reader. Bravo!”

—Mark B. Borg Jr., PhD, Clinical/Community Psychologist, Psychoanalyst; Author, Irrelationship and Relationship Sanity

“A delightful romp from the high-desert settings of Northern New Mexico across the limitless lands of imagination. Laws of discovery and wonder rule Romanelli’s captivating world of inspired nonconformity, where an unexpected assembly of characters finds courage, connection, and friendship in the forces of art and creativity. Together they bend space and time to break the bounds of ordinary and encounter the essence of imagination. Their adventures encourage us to tap in to the fierce warrior spirit required to be an artist, an authentic individual, or a talking cat, reminding us that magic lies in the theater of an open mind.” 

Carmella Padilla, Author, The Work of Art: Folk Artists in the Twenty-First Century; Recipient, 2009 New Mexico Governor’s Award for Excellence in the Literary Arts