About Little Roman Press


There I was sitting in 11th grade Greek mythology class in the only vocational art high school in NYC, The High School of Art and Design and the teacher looked directly at me and said, “So you, Mr. Romanelli, your name probably means, Little Roman.” I was mortified. It was only in retrospect many years later and substantially beyond the invincibility of youth, that I can appreciate the humor implicit in that moment of revelation and the embarrassment that I felt way back then.

I chose to name my publishing company Little Roman Press because, from the diminutive seedling grows the oak tree. I chose the silhouette of the young girl casting her bow and arrow upwards to the sky’s zenith as an emblem of focused intention and action. She is breaking through boundaries and convention fearlessly.

My father was born in Potenza, Italy in 1910, arriving as a baby at Ellis Island, NY with his family, father Canio and Philomena his wife. As an adult, he served as a medic in Luzon, The Philippines during World War Two…all 5’ 2’’ of him.

Marc Romanelli

Banner image by Americasroof at English Wikipedia [CC BY-SA 3.0]