On the Occasion of Philomena’s Thirteenth Birthday

I hope you enjoy this special letter written for my daughter, who is my muse for now and ever more and inspiration for the main character in The Imagination Warriors.

Thirteen short years ago your mother and I welcomed you into our lives. You were the greatest blessing ever given. You have been and are now, the most joyous, loving, sensitive and generous SPIRIT I know. I learn from you everyday. On some unspoken level, I know you are aware of your unseen yet powerful past … the past that predates your arrival. You, my dear daughter, are the culmination of the dreams, aspirations, spirit and soul, the struggles, the collective wisdom, the challenges and the successes and hard won victories of your ancestors. Those that came before are forever connected to you by lineage are with you now. I feel it.

In the book I wrote for and about you, my inspiration, the intrepid Philomena will forever be 9 years old. She will be frozen in time and in our memories at that age, a fixed and finite entity. In real life, you continue to evolve in wondrous and necessary ways to prepare you for your future. Right now you are seeding the earth for the coming blossoming. You have been blessed with a strong body that will serve you well, fierce creative talents for music and performance and a true loving nature.

Fear not the future dearest Philomena, your path through this life will be long and it will wind around and around touching you and your loved ones in delicious and unexpected ways. The joyous surprises that await you will only unfold to their fullest when you surrender to the knowing. You are destined to walk a special path that only the aware can walk. Every second of your life, lived in the moment, transcends time, space and limitation, even physical limitation. You may summon your guides, your family, your angels, even your ancestors by simply calling for them … use them all for they are all around you and always will be there for you. I feel it.

Finally, the thing I really want to express to you is that I know your truest and best nature … the spirit that you authentically came into the world with. Never lose your essential and fundamental self even though life, sometimes conspires to chip away at it. Never lose that joyous child that revels in excitement and anticipation for things to come. Never lose your fearlessness of performance, it may be your greatest gift. Never lose your ability to feel things deeply for in that depth between joy and sorrow exist the full human experience…don’t miss it for fear of being hurt by it.

I love you more than life itself.

Your (now crying) daddy,