You Have To See With Goodly Eyes

My 4 year old son just said this to me and it reminded me that I really need to write this stuff down before life's frenetic pace overwhelms everything truly important. "You Have to See With Goodly Eyes, Daddy", he said. I was struck by the absolute purity of it. Yes, of course you need "goodly eyes". Now having goodly eyes in a China classroom might get to sent to the head of school for a flagrant violation of school policy. You see, in some Chinese elementary schools that have been equipped with AI enabled surveillance, cameras are observing students expressions and if your face is doing something other than buried in the book da jour or some other accepted activity you're on notice to stop your antisocial behavior. Imagine if you are a 9 year old Chinese student and for a short period of time...and this doesn't take long, your mind wanders and contemplates something more that either the mandatory book you must read or the electro-luminescent tablet hard-wired to your brain and you get that , "goodly eyes" look on your face.

This student may be having an extraordinary epiphany. This student may be having a transcendent experience that is beyond the boundaries of sheep school under the all watching AI surveillance. China will eclipse the United States in rapid, breathless fashion, but they will kill something of essential, crucial importance. Keep those "goodly eyes" trained on the prize...and damn those AI surveillance cameras that don't have a clue about what's truly important.